Drink driving

Posted on 14/10/2018

For some it's simply "running the gauntlet", for others it's a belief that "I'll never be caught", for others drinking excessively is a big problem and drink driving just seems like something natural. Whatever the case may be, the general result sooner or later is that you will be caught before something disastrous happens, and for the rest disaster has struck. This can deeply affect either yourself, those around you or the family or friend of those you've hurt or worse.

Here we strive to help those who have been caught and are travelling the road to recovery. We have teamed up with Guardian Interlock Systems since 2014 and install Alcohol Interlock Devices. These units prevent the vehicle from being started should alcohol be present on their breath. Over the years we've come across people who are genuinely remorseful and haven't touched a drink since that faithful night and we've come across those who simply feel hard done by and that they shouldn't be "treated as a criminal", yet their feedback results show that they truly belong on this program and that this is helping prevent them doing damage to themselves or others.

Mandatory interlock programs

Since 2015 Interlock devices became mandatory for all mid-range, high-range and repeat offenders. Program participation time can vary from 12 months to 48 months with most cases being handed a 24 month program. These programs incorporate various features to prevent drink driving, such as preventing start, repeated requests for test during driving (randomly between 15 minutes and 1 hour), causing alarms and indicators to flash if alcohol is detected whilst driving.

As well as having these devices in a vehicle, participants are expected to pay an estimated $2200 (concession holders receive a discount) per year for their programs monitoring. Upon coming to their completion date participants are evaluated and cleared for device removal or required to perform another minimum program extension of 6 months until approval conditions have been met.

Voluntary interlock programs

If you're worried about family or friends, voluntary programs (also known as private programs) are available in two forms.

Equipment lease:
Equipment can be leased through Guardian Interlock where participants can pay a monthly fee to rent the equipment. These devices also have relaxed testing methods such as no retests required while driving.

Equipment purchase:
Equipment can be purchased through Guardian Interlock for a one off fee. Participants will have to come into a service centre once per year to have their device calibrated. Charging for calibration is discretionary for service centres, however Grady's only charges $50 to calibrate a handset.

Click here for more participant information regarding both mandatory and private programs

If you know of someone with a drinking problem who you are worried about, we encourage you to help them seek professional help.